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Click here to find out more about using film just updated on 06/04/14.

A lot of people are unsure about film, so I have put together a quick and simple guide about using 16mm in the UK.

Click here I am still selling some of my Super 8 cameras & lenses at very low prices. .

I have just completed my first film - The Woods, this is a fast paced chilling thriller. What is supposed to be a simple drive through a remote countryside for a young man turns into an horrific ordeal. When he is faced with a man on the run he soon begins to fight for his own survival. Find out more click here.

I run Technique films and aim to tell creative, interesting and challenging stories using real film technology, particularly Super 8, 16mm and 35mm. In this increasingly digital field my team and I aim to work with celluloid as long as we can.

One thing that I do know is that many who use film and understand it and are very passionate about it. It's a unique mixture of romance, nostalgia and beauty, there isn’t the throw away disposable attitude with film as there is with digital.

For us film is not just another image capture medium, there’s an endearing simplicity to it, something that digital does not have, we understand the mechanics of a film camera and how film reacts to light and more importantly we can see a series of images when holding up film to light. There is an indescribable magical quality to the film images, whereas with digital this mystery and magic is absent, working with digital creates a different mind-set.





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