'Light is 'Deep' and Breeze is 'Pavan'

I have always been attracted to pictures, especially how colours and textures work. I really understood the emotional power of pictures through analogue photography. I firmly believe that film simply has that little bit of magic built-in that I can never find with digital media.

I believe that filmmaking is a medium of constraints, this encourages the filmmaker to think and act in different ways and to be creative at all times. I have a bohemian approach to story telling, personally I like to tell odd stories, stories that unfold in an unusual way, stories that break conventions of standard and accepted narrative structures, whether it's through characterisation, photography, editing, music or sound.

I aim to tell interesting, challenging and textured stories steeped in atmosphere that engage with the viewer on a deep emotional level. At the heart of everything I do is an exploration of visual storytelling. I want to take the viewer on a stimulating visual cinematic journey.

Things aren't all digital and I aim to work with celluloid as long as possible. For me celluloid is not just another image capture medium, there’s an endearing simplicity to it, something that digital does not have. I understand the mechanics of a film camera and how film reacts to light and more importantly I can see a series of images when holding up film to light. There is an indescribable magical quality to these film images, whereas with digital this mystery and magic is absent, working with digital creates a different mind-set.

I mainly work with 16mm film, I use a Keystone 16mm camera from the 1950's that is modified to Super 16 and a new Ikonoskop Super 16 camera.

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