I believe that filmmaking is a medium of constraints and this encourages the filmmaker to think and act in different ways and to be creative at all times. I have a bohemian approach to story telling. I like to tell stories that unfold in an unusual way, stories that break conventions of standard and accepted narrative structures, whether it's through characterisation, photography, editing, music or sound.

I aim to tell interesting, challenging and textured stories steeped in atmosphere that engage with the viewer on a deep emotional level. At the heart of everything I do is an exploration of visual storytelling and I want to take the viewer on a stimulating visual cinematic journey.

For me celluloid is not just another image capture medium, there’s an endearing simplicity to it. I understand the mechanics of a film camera and how film reacts to light and I can see a series of images when holding up film to light. There is an indescribable magical quality to these images, whereas with digital this mystery and magic is absent.

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