Writing 2020

It was never supposed to be a serious film, I was filming a project and decided to makesome improvements to my 16mm camera by building it a new viewfinder. Once I made my improvements all I had to do was test the camera. Initially I had just planned to go out to the park and randomly film, but then I wanted to get a more accurate idea of framing and focusing with the new viewfinder, I asked some friends to be in front of camera, they were reluctant so I thought of getting actors instead.

I wrote a simple little shot list, there was to be no dialogue - I was only going to test the new viewfinder, focusing and framing, so there was no need to complicate matters by shooting sound. I met some very skilled and talented people who came onboard and we started filming.

This has become more than just a test film, as I have continued writing and developing the shot list. I don't know what the final length of the film will be, it could be ten minutes, or perhaps much more, but I am very excited as I feel a unique story emerging and turning into a very visually enchanting film, where no character talks. I haven't written any dialogue, I must point out that it's not a silent film, there is sound and music, just nobody in the film talks. I feel having no dialogue has been incredibly liberating and exciting. Non verbal communication has challenged me to think far deeper, more creatively about everything and to approach each sequence differently.

I believe that filmmaking is a medium of constraints which should force the filmmaker to think in different ways and to be creative at all stages and ideally to have a bohemian approach to story telling. Personally I like to tell odd stories, stories that are told in an unusual way, stories that are unconventional, whether it's through the characterisation, the photography, editing, music or sound. Here the story has been continually developing and evolving, it has become intriguing, complex and a multi-layered fil.



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