For a while I have been thinking about what to write on my website. From as far back as I can remember I have always had the knack of telling a story. I have finally decided to use this space to share my stories and my observations of how I see the world around me.

I believe that everyone is a storyteller in their own way. Some use the big screen, others a book or a painter's canvas, but most of us just talk and tell stories to ourselves, in a way I suppose we all internally write the fictions of our lives into a coherent pattern so things appear to have a logical beginning, a middle and an ending. .I always collect ideas and write stories. I was happily surprised when some of my stories got published and even praised. I always think of ideas and weave them into little stories, it seems a normal and natural process to me. I mainly write short stories, sometimes they are funny and sometimes they are not. I don't think I write in the normal manner which conforms to the accepted conventions of a fictional narrative structure. If you read them, if you like them and even if you don't like them please share your feedback via the contact page.

My articles section is just me sharing my personal observations about things, I do some research but obviously not to the extent of an academic and I don't do the detailed scrutiny like a journalist. My intentions are not to offend, I am not expert nor am I a super analyst, I am just an ordinary person trying to make sense of things around me. I do think that in these current times with huge information at our finger tips we all bear the responsibility not to simply accept things because we are told to. There are many times where we must delve into things a little deeper ourselves and say what we feel and at times question and challenge the status quo.






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